April 27, 2006

Susan at Hershey Park

Susan at Hershey Park
Susan at Hershey Park,
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April 02, 2006

Treo 700w Daylight Savings Time Issue: Confirmed

As I mentioned in my last post, there seems to be a problem with the Treo 700w and daylight savings time when using network local time.

This morning being post-lose-an-hour, I was able to test the problem. Sure enough, once my phone picked up the networks' time (I had to turn the radio/cellular portion of the phone off and back on), all appointments I had created on the Treo were an hour off.

So I followed Palm's advice, turned off network time, and edited the appointments that I had created on the Treo.

April 01, 2006

Treo 700w Daylight Savings Time Issue

It's hard to believe that any software or device would still have daylight savings time issues. Shouldn't that be one of the *first* things qa should check for?

Anyway, here's a post regarding the issue.

I did notice on my phone's Clock & Alarms settings that in addition to the Enable local network time checkbox there is a checkbox labeled
Use network time zone. Not sure if this helps the problem or not, and I did notice that Palm's KB article is dated 3/31/2006 so it's not an "old" issue.

Testing a New Podcast Receiver

A few months ago I ditched the podcast receivers I was using because they seemed to be hogs at Windows start-up. For a while I didn't miss them, but early last week I picked up on TavernCast, a podcast related to World of Warcraft.

So I decided it was time to check out the latest in receivers. I was about to consider re-installing iPodder and found it was renamed to Juice. Then I stumbled upon Ziepod and really like the look and feel of it.

I downloaded it and started using it to gather up all my old favorite podcasts (Catholic Insider and tWiT for example). I was also able to use its search feature to some new ones as well.

One feature that is missing is the ability to create Windows Media Player playlists. Ziepod does allow you to shell out to an application after a feed is downloaded, though. So, thinking I'd just create some auto-playlists in WMP, I went in search of a command-line tag editor.

My strategy was to set a tag value and then search on that value to create the playlist (I gave up relying on podcast publishers to be consistent with title, artist, and other tags). But then I found Tag.

In addition to being a tag editor, Tag will also create playlist files recognized by WMP. Using a simple command line I was able to automatically create the playlist every time a feed is downloaded.

To set this up:

  1. In Ziepod, right-click a feed in the Folders tab. Select Properties.
  2. Click on the Download tab.
  3. Check the box labeled When download finishes, apply following shell command on downloaded file
  4. Enter the following command line (changing paths as necessary):
    c:\mp3tageditor\tag.exe --playlist --plname TWIT "C:\Documents and Settings\You\My Documents\My Ziepod Downloads\this WEEK in TECH\*.mp3"
  5. Click OK and you're finished!


March 21, 2006

Lazy Dog

Lazy Dog
Lazy Dog,
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Fixed An ActiveSync Issue

I recently started using a Treo 700W Smartphone. I absolutely love it and would recommend it to anyone who's used a PocketPC device in the past.

I'm not sure where the blame goes (ActiveSync 4.1 or the Outlook database on my laptop), but I suddenly started getting errors when attempting to sync an appointment created on the mobile device. Tasks created on the device would sync just fine, as would appointments created on my laptop.

The error message was about as helpful as most Microsoft error messages (ok, probably as helpful as almost any software error message): a dialog would appear stating that appointments couldn't be synced, listing the "offending" appointments, and at the bottom was the message "Support Code:1."

I searched and searched Google and Google Groups and didn't find much. The only resolution I found posted involved creating an entirely new Windows login, connecting to Exchange Server, etc. Well, I don't use Exchange Server so that didn't help me.

I went through deleting and re-establishing the partnership between my laptop and the device, no help. I wasn't going to reinstall everything (there were posts that indicated this didn't help anyway).

I finally found some other unrelated postings that mentioned using an Office utility named scanpst.exe to scan and repair the Outlook .pst file. I ran this and it detected many, many errors in my .pst file, so I let it perform its repair.

Once the .pst file was repaired, I was able to sync successfully!

I hope this helps someone else.

January 20, 2006

Happy Anniversary!

The 25th anniversary of Reaganism

I grew up a Reagan Conservative. Doing so laid the groundwork for the success in life I enjoy today. Happy Anniversary, Reagonites!

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January 13, 2006

Harmony Universal Remote for Xbox 360

This is an awesome remote.

I've been trying to find an affordable universal remote that was actually universal. Tried a whole bunch that I won't grace with a mention here. None were universal, most were far from it.

Well, the Harmony Advanced Universal Remote for Xbox 360 fits both requirements: it's affordable ($129.99 at CircuitCity.com, plus a $30 rebate if you have a 360) and it IS universal. It's controlling every one of my devices perfectly, including my brand new DirecTV R15 PVR.

And setup was a snap. There's a wizard you walk through to tell it what devices you have, how they're connected, and how you want them to work with one another. You then connect the remote to your pc using the provided USB cable, and the programming is downloaded to it. I think even my mother could operate this one.

To top it off, lo and behold, IT JUST WORKS! Get one.

December 08, 2005


VT Owns UVA,
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College pranks gone wild. Stealing the other team's mascott is old hat (Hoo would want the Overtly Gay Man anyway?).

November 17, 2005

As it should be...

blacksburg elementary
blacksburg elementary,
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This kid needs to get used to this feeling if he's going to continue wearing such ugly fan-wear.