September 30, 2005

Uncovered: New Press Box at Mountaineer Field Football Message Board

XM's new weapon is a DirecTV linkup - Technology & Science -

Very cool...DirecTV will soon be offering 72 channels from XM Radio:
XM's new weapon is a DirecTV linkup - Technology & Science -

But what I'm really looking forward to is XM, Napster to sell satellite radio music. I'm ALWAYS driving around listening to XM (when I'm not listening to business CDs) and I hear a song I'd love to add to my Napster downloads. Hopefully this is coming soon!

Jot Redux

OK. So after my post yesterday I poked around some more on the JotLive site looking for something that was more compelling.

I finally found that Jot (not JotLive) is a really nice Wiki host with lots of nice applications and data forms. So, while I didn't find JotLive particularly useful, Jot definitely is and gets 4 out 5 stars (more online help would have gotten it five stars).

September 29, 2005

Trying out JotSpot Live

My blog reading this morning lead me to TechCrunch which is a pretty nice site with reviews (I guess, I haven't spent much time exploring the site yet) of various computer stuff. I found a Social Networking category and visited.

The first review was for JotSpot, a hosted Wiki that boasts extra collaboration (multiple editors at a time, for example). Plus, There's nothing to download to get started.

So I signed up for an account (the "personal" edition allows for 5 pages and is free) and started adding a page. The editor is rudimentary, but seems complete. Unlike real wikis, I can't seem to figure how to link among pages (really, that's the whole point of wikis in my opinion).

Worse than that, whenever I saved a page I got a Javascript error and the edits weren't saved. And now that I've got a couple of blank pages, I can't find the delete page function either.

So, right now I'll give this site 1 out of 5 stars. I can't possibly recommend this site to my colleagues as it exists now, but I'll keep checking back...

September 28, 2005

I think Scobble hits the nail on the head...

I think Scobble is onto something here...

What's Google learning from their Wifi network?

September 27, 2005

Georgia Tech's beat-down was so thorough, even the scoreboard couldn't handle it...
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Warning for WVU

Attention Mountaineer Offense:

If you see this gentleman coming at you, simply place the ball onto the turf and back away.

Failure to comply will result in grave consequences. Posted by Picasa

September 26, 2005

Track links with Memeflow; good podcasting tutorial

I found this on on Scobble's blog and it looks really cool. My new Home page, in fact.

Track links with Memeflow; good podcasting tutorial:

Memeflow Goto looks like a cool way to keep track of your favorite blogs.